Gaye Gerard is an Editorial & Commercial Photographer based in Sydney, Australia and embarked on her professional Photography career in 2004.

In March 2018 Gaye also graduated from her Level 1 training to become a certified Raw Vegan Chef with the worlds best Vegan/ Plant Based Culinary Academy in Venice Beach, California ;  Plant Lab owned and run by renowned Vegan Chef Matthew Kenney. Currently undertaking Level 2 Advanced training her desire is to expand her skills to compliment her role as a Photographer with her tremendous passion for Wellness and Plant Based Vegan Nutrition. She is on the path to creating her own workshops and recipe books to inspire, excite and educate others to incorporate more Plant Based food in their diet and enhance their vitality and well being. (A copy of the certificate and some of her photos of her dishes are in the gallery on this page)

Specializing in Entertainment Media, Portraits, Travel & Lifestyle Photography and more recently travel writing;  she is an intuitive photographer, who is known for creating vibrant images and who takes time getting to know her clients, allowing them to feel at ease in front of the lens to reflect a glimpse of their true personality.
Gaye's passion for her craft lead her to study and complete a masters certificate in NLP- ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) to enhance her communication skills and provide her with a new set of tools enabling her to better connect and understand her clients during her fast paced celebrity portrait sessions when time is limited and establishing an authentic and sincere connection under pressure is essential to capturing the true essence of the individual talent.

Joining one of Americas largest Entertainment Photo Agency’s Wire Image in 2005 as a stringer and contributor working with Australia’s elite PR agencies, Event companies and Media Outlets, to Photograph a broad range of well-known international and local media personalities and celebrities.

In 2007 she joined Getty Images photo agency as a staff photographer for 2 years working on some of Australia’s most prestigious news and events including: 2007 Live Earth Concert, 2008 World Youth Day, The Danish Royals Visit in 2008 with Prince Frederik and Princess Mary,

The Dalai Lama World Conference in 2009, The Aria Awards, MTV Music Awards, TV Week Logie Awards, Australia Fashion Week, Melbourne & Gold Coast Fashion Week, Australian Film Awards and continued to work with Getty as contractor.

During her career she has captured performances of international touring artists such as Beyonce, Pink and Fleetwood Mac, U2, Sting and was also assigned to cover the Miss Universe Pageant in Nha Trang Vietnam in 2008 with Getty Images.

Gaye’s work has been printed regularly by numerous publications and leading websites around the world including such titles as: Vogue, Spa Life, Signature Luxury Travel Magazine, Rolling Stone, MTV online, Harpers Bazaar, New Idea, Jetstar Magazine, OK magazine, The Epoch times, Instyle Australia, MSN Entertainment,  Austereo – 2DayFM,The Daily Telegraph, Conde nast online, The Sun Herald.

Currently running her own business as a Freelance Photographer, Gaye has been selected as an Ambassador for leading camera bag company Lowepro in 2012 and joined Corbis global photo agency as a Contractor recently also under the Getty Images banner. She is available for editorial and commercial assignments.

Some of Gaye’s more recent projects have been focused on the Wellness Travel Industry, Plant Based and Raw Vegan Food, Yoga, Detox and Health Retreats. Where she has been commissioned to travel to Perth, Thailand and the USA on assignment for different Travel and Wellness publications writing articles on the best Health retreats to reset and rejuvenate where food is used as medicine to heal the body, fueling the body for performance, combined with natural therapies and mindfulness practices.

Twelve months later Gaye returned to one of the Health Resorts in Thailand where she lead her own series of creative Photo workshops which ran in synergy with the resorts offerings during a retreat. This has been a life changing journey where she has personally experienced her own health transformation leading her to reset and refocus her own lifestyle.
In her words:
" I have learned the power of living a plant based lifestyle, combining it with yoga, movement and meditation is the key I have discovered to becoming a healthier and happier more fulfilled version of myself. My creativity, vitality and energy have soared like never before. I feel more enriched and connected to my true self and my surroundings. I am grateful for discovering this whole new path, it has brought so much joy and new founded passion and purpose to my life and I have found a new clarity on how I want to contribute to this world and it is this knowledge I genuinely want to share with others.
Now in training under the worlds most innovative and successful Plant Based Chef Matthew Kenney through his Culinary Academy in California.

"I am thrilled to be on my way to being a fully certified Raw Vegan Chef so I can compliment my love of Photography to create, style and capture healthy, delicious, artful and intentional recipes that may inspire others "


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Gaye is available for assignments worldwide please email your request and she will reply with 24-48 hours.

Thank you.

"Imagination is more powerful than knowledge" - Einstein



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Calvin Klein - commissioned for Getty
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Publications List:

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